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[30 Nov 2008|07:59pm]
Born n raised in the Bronx to Jamaican parents Damion Kyng moved all around the BX (webster, tremont, kingsbrigde...) in and out of various hustles doin his best to help with bills in the house; been writing screenplays, short scripts (high ranking on AMERICAN ZOETROPE), poems n rhymes since thirteen. People round da way who didn't like da flo of hip hop asked Kyng to hop on da mic bout a year ago, his style is uncomparable but if there had to be a comparision many would say OUTKAST (only in that you can always expect something different n entertainin) now he has EIGHT tracks on da SOUNCLICK charts, has music being played on internet radio stations n mixtapes (unsigned hype volume 4 by DJ DESTINY/twisted studios)... reppin da underground MC who will make it based on skillz as opposed to PURCHASED HYPE - expect big things to come...

I.C.E gon feed da hood...



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Please help me with my Roots Remix contest! [19 Nov 2008|12:38pm]


Clicking the above image will direct you to a page containing my entry into The Roots "Criminal" Remix Contest.

The determination of winners for this first round is really lame (didn't realize this until after the fact); basically a self-promo battle for votes. I guess the judges didn't want to have to listen to 310 remixes to determine what was actually good. But I worked hard on my track and after listening to a ton of really mediocre/bad entries, am totally confident that mine is good enough to be in the top 25, so I'm giving this ridiculous spam battle a shot.

So please hook me up with a vote! Just click the link above and press "vote for me" on the page you are redirected to. Then, if I make it to the top 25 I can actually compete in a legitimate remix competition.

The top 25 finalists will advance to Round 2. For Round 2, The Roots will make another track from Rising Down available to be remixed by the 25 finalists, and thankfully there will be 3 judges making the final decision.

I need to be in the top 25 by the end of the day on Friday to make it to the next round. Many thanks in advance to all the generous people willing to lend me a hand!



P.S. If any of you feel like helping me out and passing this along, posting it on your blog, whatever outlets you might have, I'd reeeeeally appreciate it. I'm trying to re-harness any self-promo mojo I might have possessed in the past but I could definitely use the help!

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anyone going? [08 Sep 2008|06:32pm]

is anyone else going to the 98.7 KissFM Liberty R&B Jazz Fest in NYC at liberty state park? Aretha Franklin, Erykah Badu and the O'Jays are playing. I'm looking for new people to meet up with.

here's who is playing (or click here: http://www.987kissfm.com/rbjazzfest08/):

Saturday, September 13th 12 - 10 pm
Performances by Aretha Franklin• Erykah Badu • Leela James • Kem • Euge Groove • Bobby Caldwell • The Jeff Foxx Band • Jean Baylor

Sunday, September 14th 12 - 8 pm
Performances by The O'Jays • Kool and the Gang • Roy Ayers • Brian Culbertson • Gil Parris • Soul Generation • Elisabeth Withers

tickets: http://www.987kissfm.com/rbjazzfest08/tickets.htm

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The new community of the German rap has opened! [18 Aug 2008|04:12am]


Was Ist Das?
New community devoted to this new, but with huge speed typing world popularity and respect a direction! Everyone will find in it sounding, something the ! ;-)
News, announcements of releases, releases, fresh videos.... And that you would wish to learn all all about German Hip-Hop!
All the most known labels AGGRO Berlin, Optic Records, Ersguterjunge, BOZZ Muzik, Sekten Muzik, ILM, Deluxe Records Everyone whom has interested..........
!!! Willkommen !!!

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German Rap community! [16 Jul 2008|11:15pm]


Hi all! The community devoted to German Hip-Hop has opened!! There you will find the latest news, announcements of releases, video clips, and many other things.....!!! Willkommen!!!

 (Attention!! Community only in Russian!! I search for people who are ready to help development of community. And to make it Russian-English community)

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Death Mask [02 Jul 2008|12:09am]


DeathMask has added new music to their page.
Add them, and spread the love.

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Optic-vision.... Optic 4 live!! [26 Jun 2008|04:12pm]


Henceforth German Rap-RnB Label "Optic" became visible! Since this minute Optic Vision in a network!! There you will find all new, old, concert and other videos of record from Optic Records!! For exception of secret shootings from Optic 4 live. Well and certainly 2 new videos from Kool Savas feat. Azad - " On Top " and Franky Kubricks - " Im Herz " already there are!! As on a site there is radio Optic............ 

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Bushido - Das Beste [13 Jun 2008|11:20pm]


Bushido - Das Beste

Качество: 320 kbps
Год выхода:

Трек листCollapse )

Download part 1
Download part 2

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Kaisa und Basstard - 666 [04 Jun 2008|09:47pm]


Kaisa und Basstard - 666
Hardcore Rap/Rap
Качество: 192-320 kbps
Год выхода: 30.05.2008

Хардкорный стиль германии очень отличается от своих своих зарубежный про-отцов!! Кaisa 1 ыз самых известных Хардкорных исполнителей германии!! Его свежий релиз. Как всегда все такой же сильный и не добрый!
ТРЕК ЛИСТCollapse )

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Sido - Ich und meine maske [04 Jun 2008|09:45pm]


Исполнитель: Sido - Ich und meine maske
Жанр: Rap
Cтрана: Germany
Качество: 256-320 kbps
Год выхода: 30.05.2008
Трек листCollapse )
30ого числа была презентация нового альбома, наверное самого известного на данный момент немецкого Рэпера Sido....альбом является заключительным в трилогии Ich, Maske X и Ich und meine maske

Тречёк с альбома ;-)
</lj-embed>Скачать часть 1
Скачать часть 2

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Free Online Mixtape Ft RZA, Atmosphere, Vast Aire, Inspectah Deck + More [01 Jun 2008|11:52pm]



Hey all – just wanted to let you know that we’ll be offering up the latest in our series of free online mixtapes, updated every other month. Offering the best in new music complete with jewel case artwork, Mixtape 6.0 includes new music from RZA as Bobby Digital ft. Inspectah Deck, Atmosphere, Mudhoney, Silver Jews, The Melvins, The Dandy Warhols, Neil Hamburger, Cordero and many more. Download it here.

Complete Tracklisting includes:

1. Melvins - Nude With Boots
2. Bomb The Music Industry! - 493 Ruth
3. Mudhoney - I'm Now
4. Silver Jews - Strange Victory Strange Defeat
5. Cordero - Ruleta Rusa
6. RZA as Bobby Digital ft. Inspectah Deck - You Can't Stop Me Now
7. Atmosphere - Dreamer
8. Chin Chin - Appetite
9. Vast Aire - T.V. Land
10. Thank You - Empty Legs
11. Neil Hamburger - At Least I Was Paid
12. Lemuria - Pants
13. The Gluons - To The Beauty of You
1. The Dandy Warhols - The World, The People, Together (Come On)
15. Bill O'Reilly vs. RevoLucian - Fuck It (Dance Remix)

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Праздник немецкого саунда в вашем Доме!!!! [30 May 2008|09:53pm]


Привет всем.....короч такая вещь :-)...... пока на торренте, потом ралнируется портал(сайт)... я выкладываю немецкий саунд.... почти все известные немецкие лейблы .....A.G.G.R.O., Ersguterjunge/Bushido, Optik Records, Sekten Muzik, Almassiva / Massiv, Hell Raisa / Streetlife, Amstaff,ILM, Hirntot и др. http://torrents.ru/forum/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=1601977 тут список моих раздач. Правда чтоб вам попасть на страницу, прийдется зарегится и качнуть спец прогу ( которую можно будет качнуть на самом сайте)..... Все свежие релизы итд там есть, к примеру альбом Sido- ich und meine maske, Kaisa und Basstard - 666, Automatikk - Jenseits Von Eden уже вчера были там ;-) .... так что все добро пожаловать..... Если будут какие то предложения или пожелания, пишите рассмотрю ;-)

П.с. так же советую заскакивать ко мне в личку, там будет инфа о новых релизах и новостях и обновлениях в моей раздаче!

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About 350 pics of Graffit Art in Rome Italy -- ill!!!!! [28 May 2008|05:11am]

About 350 pictures of pieces, murals and street art all over Rome, Italy -- some increadible art -- some Hip-Hop culture on a truly global scale!

pics are seperated into two galleries .. enjoy!

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QUEEN LATIFAH on a&e channel April 13th 9am eastern [10 Apr 2008|12:25pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey Queen La Lovers, Miss Latifah will be on A&E channel's Private Sessions this Sunday *April 13th* 9am Eastern!
here is the episode blurb i got from the Private Sessions site:
April 13th at 9 am Eastern, in an in-depth interview QUEEN LATIFAH tells all – from her beginnings breaking into the evolving hip hop industry to her diverse acting roles covering comedies, dramas, and taking over movie musicals, as well as her latest accomplishment, receiving an Emmy nomination for this year’s Life Support. She also performs “Travilin’ Light”, “Poetry Man” and “California Dreamin’” as well as a rare performance of her signature hit “U.N.I.T.Y”!! Plus, check out AETV.com for a web-only performance of “Simply Beautiful”. You won’t want to miss this!
I can't wait! she is beautiful & amazing!
<a href="http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v281/effienator/?action=view&current=QueenLatifahSmiling.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v281/effienator/QueenLatifahSmiling.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

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New behind the scene video w/ Blu & Exile! [09 Apr 2008|07:21pm]

Behind the scenes of the new Blu & Exile video for "Blu Collar Worker"! It's dope - check it out!

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Free Online Mixtape w/ Dizzee Rascal, Robert Pollard, Islands, BJM, Chris Walla, Del, Rakim & more! [31 Mar 2008|10:46pm]



GhettoblasterMagazine.com is proud to announce the latest installment of our free online mixtapes series. Complete with jewel case artwork, Mixtape 5.0 includes new music from The Mobius Band, Firewater, Islands, Living Legends, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Unwed Sailor, Chris Walla, Midnight Movies, Del the Funky Homosapien, Dizzee Rascal, Robert Pollard, Rakim ft. Riney White and many more. Download it here.

Complete Tracklisting includes:
1. Robert Pollard - Gratification To Concrete
2. The Cops - Modern Black Flats
3. The Plastic Constellations - Stay That Way
4. Fire On Fire - Hangman
5. Living Legends - She Wants Me
6. Dizzee Rascal - Featuring UGK - Where Da G's
7. Islands - The Arm
8. Midnight Movies - Should Have Known
9. The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Golden – Frost
10. Tremor - Viajante
11. Firewater - Borneo
12. Unwed Sailor - The Garden
13. Mobius Band - A Hint of Blood
14. Chris Walla - Sing Again
15. Del The Funky Homosapien - Bubble Pro
16. Rakim - It's Nothing

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Since 2005, the QN5 label (CunninLynguists, Tonedeff, PackFM, Substantial, Session, Mr. SOS, Elite, and Domingo) have held a once a year performance in the summer called "The Megashow". Pretty much, it's the only time in the year where the whole label performs together in the same night. This event is 100% FOR THE FANS. A lot of time goes into this event and the artists make sure we get everything for our money. In 2005 and 2006 it was in NYC, and the show was absolutely insane. Special guests came, the venues held it down, QN5 killed it, and it was a good night for Hip-Hop, artists and fans alike. In 2007, the camp took the show to L.A. The show was still a great experience, but it took a good financial hit. Since this show is strictly for the fans, the label has made it clear that there's a chance there may not be a show this summer. The ball is now in our courts and if we show that enough of us will go, we may be able to help give the greenlight for a 2008 show in NYC. Show your support people!

Make your voice heard HERE!

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PYROCLASTIC FLOW - Best of GZA (Wu-Tang) - free mixtape download [05 Dec 2007|05:01am]

go to http://www.RiotSound.com to download PYROCLASTIC FLOW* - THE BEST OF GZA/GENIUS --- 25 track free mixtape download

8 DIAGRAMS drops December 11th --- the mighty Wu-Tang Clan is back THE ONE AND ONLY!!!!

*PYROCLASTIC FLOW: a devasting result of volcanic eruptions, a pyroclastic flow is a fast-moving current of hot gas and rock which can travel away from a volcano at a speed of up to 700 kilometers per hour, reaching tempertures of up to 1000 degrees Celsius.

download it here


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Austin Hip-Hop Scene [20 Nov 2007|07:44pm]


Austin Hip-Hop Scene

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Leaks [30 Aug 2007|01:31pm]

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